Binance Review

Binance Review


Binance is as of this moment, one of the largest Bitcoin and Altcoin exchanges in the world.

It boasts one of the largest database of registered users and trade volumes by some margin in the crypto exchange space.

Binance was originally located in China but with the Chinese governments bans on Bitcoin exchanges moved its servers to Korea.


Getting Started / Verification

You will not need to verify your account on Binance to deposit crypto-coins but verification is required for withdrawals.

Verification on Binance typically doesn’t take more than a few minutes.


Coin Support


Binance at this date supports over 250 different coins and various pairings, making it easily one of the largest and most popular exchanges in the world.

A major detractor though for Australian users looking for a Bitcoin exchange is that Binance does not directly interface with Australian Banks.

It does not accept or trade in the Australian Dollar.



0.1% trading fee



Binance is a great exchange for an intermediate / advanced trader in the Cryptocurrency world.

It has all the coins one could want to speculate with and the volume to make the trades.


Unfortunately, a major issue for Australians looking for a Bitcoin exchange is the lack of Australian dollar support.

Australians will not be able to withdraw AUD directly to their bank accounts from Binance.



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